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Just another superhero living in a hyper-competitive world. Ambitious, self-determined, and relentless when it comes to getting things done. Referred to as The Major, or Moses, I'm a former Eagle Scout, Marine Corps officer, and special combat operator, author, content creator, investor, and software engineer, specializing in web and mobile app development. My technology stack of choice is React and React Native.

With two graduate degrees and over 20 years of experience in leadership, brand building, and technology, including 14 years as a frontend and full-stack developer designing, developing, launching, and marketing web and mobile applications, I can say that I truly enjoy the process, and I spend most of my free time either improving my skill set, coaching others, or engaging in one adventure after another.

Creating adventure, and lasting relationships are some of my passions, along with constant growth in all areas of my life. I continue to chase excellence with a self-disciplined, upstanding disposition of seeking to understand before being understood.

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What I do

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Project Development

From concept to launch

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Web Development

Secure, fast, and scalable

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Project Management

The extreme ownership approach

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Writing & Content Creation

Author of a few books

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Mobile App Development

Modern, sleek, & sexy

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Graphic Design

I animated cool stuff

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Lifestyle, Fitness & Health

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Video editing & production

Custom graphic templates




Diploma In UI/UX Design & Development

University of Michigan, MI

Object Oriented Programming with Javascript and PHP, along with prototyping, and evaluating design concepts


Degree in Computer Engineering Technology

Wayne State University, MI

A mix between electronic/electrical engineering, engineering technology and computer science.


Degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering


Computer networking, hardware, software, and working with the latest electronic, computer and industrial control technologies


Degree in Business Admin/ Industrial Development

Detroit College of Business

Core concepts of economics, management, finance, marketing, and information systems

My yearly accomplishments

Once you know what failure feels like, determination chases success.


Another adventure begins

Building apps with React.JS and React Native


Launched The Organic Lifestyle channel & mobile app

Launched Bragtime web app & mobile app

Launched Received the Multicultural Agency of the Year

Became a certified Chinese energetic medical practitioner

Traveled to Key West, Maui, Dubai, Turkey, and around the US

Developing mobile apps using Flutter & React Native

Developing web apps using React.JS, Node.JS, HTML5, CSS & Javascript


Worked remotely during the pandemic

Traveled to the western Caribbean islands, including Aruba, CuraƧao, Bonaire, and Saint Thomas

Developed mobile apps using Flutter & React Native

Developed web apps using React.JS, Node.JS, HTML5, CSS & Javascript


Launched Digatouch LLC

Launched Web Hub Digital LLC

Launched HomeCooked

Traveled to the Eastern Caribbean islands, including Saint Kitts, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Barbados

Developed mobile apps using Flutter & React Native

Developed web apps using React.JS, Node.JS, HTML5, CSS & Javascript

Bought my first Peter Max painting.


Contract based projects

Started day trading

Traveled to Australia and Hawaii for the first time

Passed the proficiency test for all 5 of my languages


Achieved the Cisco certification

Achieved the Javascript & HTML certification by W3

Increased proficiency level of Node.JS, React.JS, Git, Express, Webpack, ES6-7

Worked contract for major corporation

Traveled around the country

Hosted on


Purchased my first property in Malibu

Worked contract for major corporation as senior web developer

Won creative web developer of the Year Award

First year hosted on

My latest works

I stay up to date with all the latest frameworks, practices, trends, and UI designs.

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