909 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139

+1 904 831 2222

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Maj. Moses Lawrence

Let's partner up and work together on something we both enjoy doing. Any project I'm on, I make it my own by giving it the same attention and value that I would if it was actually my own company or project.


Adaptable, highly self-motivated, tech-savvy web and mobile app developer contributes specialty in UX , UI, and Full Stack developing, search engine optimization, marketing, social media management and audio/video integration to launch custom-tailored scalable code for industry presence. Detailed understanding of complex, up-to-date programming languages, frameworks and platforms such as Rect.JS, Node.JS, React Native, Flutter, Android Studio, Firebase, AWS, MongoDB, SQL etc. Innovative approach to actualizing organizational marketing plans. Resourceful navigation of intricate factors governing web planning, security, SEO and launch. My preference is UI work with API endpoint integrations.


My creative process involves uncovering users’ needs. I apply creative thinking to come up with better solutions to each app. Creativity means solving problems that prevent product owners from finding out those features of reality, much like in science.

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